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Planting and maintenance
Grafting course
Computerized management for agriculture


Again this year, we will be designing and producing landscape projects with trees, shrubs and plants. We create residential, ornamental, commercial, industrial and municipal landscaping designs We also make edible and permaculture landscapes.

Since 2017, we have been working with the Conseil de l'eau du nord de la Gasp├ęsie to educate citizens about erosion and bank degradation issues. With the help of the council's water specialists, we can prepare adapted designs for river, lakesor even sea banks.

We can design your landscaping plans on demand and achieve them for you, or help you achieve them yourself by purchasing the necessary plants.
Here are two recent designs made by our team:

Project "Mont-Louis River Park"
Quote for project "Mont-Louis River Park"

Project "flavorful green screen"

Planting and maintenance

We can improve an existing landscape by planting and / or maintaining according to your instructions, without making a design plan. Here is a list of the jobs we can do:
  • Weed control and pruning
  • Adding mulches, borders, stones
  • Prevention of diseases and insect proliferation
  • Plant displacement, transplantation
  • Large tree pruning
  • Cut down trees

Computerized management for agriculture

In the computer age, agricultural enterprises and consulting agronomists have every reason to take advantage of networking technologies to increase their management efficiency. We can help you develop computerized management systems tailored for your agricultural production. For example, we did a online vineyard management system for both for agricultural consultant and producers (for wine) . With this tool, all customer records, visits and recommendations of cultural practices and pesticide applications are kept in a secure database, accessible to both the agronomists and producers over the Internet.

We can develop for you:
  • Interactive tools between farmers, agronomists and client accessible from anywhere (via internet)
  • Customized management tools for your agricultural production (software)
  • The field test sockets interfaces (smart phone software, or touch pad)
  • The installation and configuration of computer components related to your production (sensors, servers)
  • The assembly of a complete system including all of the above (network)

Contact Us to introduce us to your project and we will be happy to prepare you a quote.